We develop creative concepts taking the desired effect as our starting point. Our creative translations give word and image to a strategy or communications campaign to all stakeholders. Always putting in the extra energy and effort to best suit the objectives.

new visual identity Consumer Federation 

For the Consumer Federation we recently launched a brand new logo and house style. Over the past years the Consumer Federation increasingly developed services that are accessible for everyone. And, together with consumers, they actively develop campaigns that address  consumers’ rights. The question asked and the objective to meet: a visual identity that expresses dialogue and conversations and that emphasises transparency and togetherness. To all stakeholders. Both outside and within the Federation.

A powerful promise

The logo shows individual parties coming together and dialogue. The transparent colours underline the promise of openness. The logo has a clear addition: translated to English it means 'sincerely'. This promise emphasises that for the Consumer Federation is all about consumers’ rights.  


How a unique game initiates corporate dialogue 

Legal & General has renewed it’s brand values and starts an internal branding program on the basis of the principles: I get it, I like it, I live it. To support this program, BY develops a creative concept for a unique Brand Values board game. We base the principles and the rules of the game as well the unique deck of cards on the L&G strategy and business objectives. Also the design of the game enhances L&G’s corporate identity.

In a short period of time, from idea to design to production and in co-creation with L&G’s dedicated internal branding team BY hands over 20 hand made games. The board of directors  and management team are the first to play. ‘This game is not only a pleasure to play but it also initiates conversations about theme’s we can put to use immediately. All employees of L&G have played the game by now. 

Let'sGo! The unique L&G Brand Values board game.

Magnificent windows to the daily work of Public Transport

For the decoration of the renovated offices and workshops of Public Transport company HTM, BY develops a photographic concept that takes the brand identity to its true magnificence. A series of photographs based on the idea ‘looking over the shoulder of an HTM-employee’ offers a window to the daily work in the streets. Reproduced on life-size formats this series is now permanently part of the workplace interiors. 

 And while at it, by exactly fitting photographs of the sliding doors of trams and buses to the elevator doors of the head office, we created a new meaning to waiting for the elevator. And mores so, life-size graphic executions inspired on the public transport route network, songs and special places in The Hague, turn lockers and file cabinets to inspiring objects as part of the workplace. Photographs by Piek. 

corporate reporting

A lot happens in single work day. Then imagine how much happens in a full year. To present a clear, complete and transparent annual report is not an easy assignment that anyone can take on. We can. We are the extra set of critical eyes, we structure and edit until the report is as solid as a rock. Online of course. 



After finishing the new management philosophy for the Public Transport company HTM, BY was asked: make sure all managers understand and work according to the philosophy by discussing its content instead of just reading it. In other words: make it stick. The strategic document was not supposed to end up in the proverbial drawer. 

BY designed a game concept using of the essence of the management philosophy. This board game was played tens of times by all management levels. ‘Finally we are talking about our work again and informally share insights and ways to make things work together in a positive spirit.’ 

Playfully sharing the new strategy.